The Museum Library has over a hundred books, publications, magazines and dissertations. The collection has two sections: the history of toys and corporate museums. Specifically, international publications on the toy horse and its history, on collecting and on ancient toys are available for consultation. The original body of the library collection belonged to Pietro Catelli and his children. The library is continuously growing thanks to a thorough search for new publications.
The books are available for consultation by visitors only at the library.

  • Library opening hours:  Tuesday - Friday: 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM


At the Museum entrance there is a bookshop area featuring children's items, books and games dedicated to toy horses. In addition to the Museum's catalogue , visitors will also find children books and merchandising items of the Toy Horse Museum.


The rich collection of toy horses and the breathtaking design of the Museum make for an original and unique setting for photo shoots. The Museum provides its premises and some pieces of its collection for photo and video shoots. It has been the set for Vogue Bimbi, Equestrio, and Horse Power. Bright and welcoming, full of stories and emotions, the Museum is an ideal place where to work with children.

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You can organise your birthday parties in the unique and enchanting setting of the Toy Horse Museum for an exciting and unforgettable day for both children and adults alike, surrounded by precious, antique toys. The Museum has a hall reserved for entertainment and catering. In the summer there is also an outdoor reserved area. The Museum offers a visit to the collection followed by a creative workshop at choice from among those available.
You can organise birthday, class and team parties as well as parties for any other event for children. 
Children who choose to celebrate their birthday at the Museum will receive the Birthday Pack.
On the occasion of midweek parties, while the children are having fun, a guided tour of the Museum collections can be organised for parents and other adult guests. 

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