The Museum's collection is growing continuously thanks to the generosity of its visitors. Since 2000, the year it was opened, the number of toy horses on display has more than doubled. The museum's collection now counts over 650 toy horses; in 2000 they numbered less than half. The Museum is grateful to all those who have contributed to creating this magic.

At the Museum, antique toys meet with the love and admiration of so many children and continue to give joy, fill with wonder, and stimulate imagination while bringing back to mind happy memories. Donors can choose the name of the horse they donate. Each piece of the Museum's collection has a name that makes it special and unique.

At the Toy Horse Museum, adults become children again and children start daydreaming. And every piece donated becomes a part of the magic.

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The Museum takes care of and safeguards the toy horses of the children of yesteryear to offer an enchanting experience to the children of today and tomorrow, while testifying to the educational care, skilled workmanship and aesthetic sensitivity of those who created these unique toys. In outlining the Museum's mission, its founder stated:

“It is important to leave our children and grandchildren the memory of how people travelled by horse all over the world to discover and be discovered. […] We safeguard these precious items not only by taking care of them, but also by showing them to all those looking for a dream, finally saved from dusty attics and forgotten corners in children's rooms now filled with electronic games.” (Cavaliere del Lavoro Pietro Catelli)

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