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The Museum's walls display a series of paintings that guide visitors along the entire itinerary. These works are by Wanda Broggi who has painted the stables of dreams. They tell of the world of toy horses establishing a sort of dialogue with the pieces on display at the Museum. The artist imagines them in a dusty attic where they had been forgotten before being taken to the Museum. Wanda Broggi has conveyed the variety and distinctive features of the many different types of toy horses onto her canvas, creating a sort of encyclopaedia in painting. 

Wanda Broggi was born in Milan where she lives and works. In Milan she also attended a school of arts and then the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Early in her career, she was involved in "New Figuration". The works on display at the Museum belong to two large series that have accompanied the artist throughout her career: “I giardini di Armida” (The gardens of Armida) on the subject of merry-go-rounds and “La mia scuderia dei sogni” (The stables of my dreams) on the subject of toy horses. In the former series, the toy horses are treated as they were real animals, with expressions and feelings. They are rendered with an almost sculptural brushstroke giving the horses a soul. In the merry-go-round series, Wanda Broggi rediscovers long-gone feelings. The merry-go-rounds, as seen through the artist's eyes, are the object of desire of all children, but to an adult they are a vague yet dramatic allusion to life as it wears away by spinning around itself. The key to understanding these great works is the interplay between this happy and colourful vision and a more dramatic interpretation.