Wanda Broggi took inspiration from an antique American rocking horse for this painting. Designed in 1871 by Ernst Kirsch, it was made of white lacquered beechwood that was curved using steam. The wooden head and fabrics give it all the features of a horse. The lines are simple and essential. In this painting, Wanda Broggi tried to convey the feeling of discovering it in her great grandfather's attic. Anuan is bathed in that unique atmosphere that only an attic has, when the light penetrates through the wood mixed with the haze of impalpable dust. The painting is almost a sort of portrait and the toy almost seems like a real animal with expressions and feelings conveyed by an almost sculptural brushstroke. The horses almost seem to have a soul. That same soul that is the fruit of a child's imagination that brings entire worlds to life through his toys.